Low cost, lightweight, low energy conveyor system

A revolution in long distance transport systems

The drive stations are a completely new concept whereby the slack belt is gripped and pulled. This is in contrast to existing systems which rely on a taught belt causing unnecessary strain on bearings and rollers. As the belt is only pulled on one end, the returning belt can be slack.

Efficiently transports any type of material e.g. peat, woodchips, silage, potatoes, vegetables, soft fruit, packages, sawdust, sand etc..

  • Requires less than 10% of the energy used by a conventional conveyor.
  • 1.5kw for up to 70m of conveyor
  • Less than 6 kg/m over a 70m conveyor.
  • Medium or long distance conveying ( 20m – 7,000 m )
  • Developed using special non-friction interwoven synthetic materials which result in minimal energy being lost to drag.
  • Ultra Violet resistant.
  • Follows vertical and horizontal contours of the land – no fine tuning.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor work.
  • So light that long 100m sections can be moved single handedly.

Can cross ditches, drains or streams


The belt is joined in less than 5 minutes


This cost efficient conveyor can be used as a low cost transport system in any industry