We sell a wide range of fertilizer, feeds and chemicals to the farming industry.

We also export purebred Hereford heifers and purebred Wicklow cheviot sheep.

For the latest prices send an email to herbst@herbst.ie

We export both purebred certified Hereford cattle and “pure to the breed” herefords without papers. All cattle are available direct from our herds in Wicklow or Germany.

We also export embryos and in calf heifers.

A Wicklow Cheviot ewe with her two lambs.
This is the ewe which produces quality lamb for any market

  • She is hardy.
  • She is prolific and a top class mother.
  • She is recognized as the best ewe to produce fat lambs off grass and grass alone .
  • Her feet are sound and she is not prone to foot rot.
  • She is a good forager.
  • She produces ideal lambs for the French market.
  • She clips a good fleece of wool of high quality.
  • She has a long productive life.
  • She makes a good price as a fat ewe.

We export Wicklow Cheviot sheep all over Europe direct from our Farm in Wicklow, Ireland. We also export embryos and/or impregnated ewes.