Herbst Difco Peat Equipment is world wide known as the most practical and economical way to produce peat from bog lands all over the word. The main advantage of the equipment is that it is very cost efficient and very solid build requiring only standard agricultural tractors and applying technology locally known.
The machines are pre-dominantly working in Ireland and have produced millions of tones of peat but also have been sold to most parts of the world where peat resources are exploited.
Michael Herbst the president of the Herbst Group has given many papers at the international Peat consortiums in Indonesia, Jamaica, Finland and many other countries promoting his revolutionary low cost approach to peat production.

Revolution on the Bogland

There are 2 Herbst Peat Harvesting systems

The hopper system, where you fill the Herbst Difco hopper with a loader from the edge of the swampland and extrude the peat on dry land. The advantage of the system is the simplicity and the minimum bog preparation needed. The disadvantage is that the output depends the transport road. You can spread with one fill about 70 meter six sods, which are than left to dry and picked up for burning later.

The tractor mounted six sod Herbst Difco Turbo Peat cutter has a sword like 1m chain which lifts in an angle the peat up to 1m deep into the nixing drum and extrudes the macerated peat on the bog for drying at a speed of up to 1 mile an hour.

The HER047 is the latest Model of the Herbst Difco Turbo Peat Cutter series.

Robust and mechanically and functionally perfected. All moving parts guarded. C.E. standards apply. Shear bolt on P.T.O. main drive. Automatic hydraulic release to protect machine should the cutter blade meet an obstruction. Choice of round or square peat extrusion heads. Cone shaped auger to minimize blockage. Choice of blade lengths 0.75 – 2.0m (2’6″ – 6’6″). Light Weight. Weight 865kg.
High output 5 – 10 tones per hour. Easy maintenance. Anti-clogging device fitted. Independent floating peat extrusion head to ensure continuous sods on undulating ground.

6 sod units. All main bearings oil immersed.

P.T.O. driven.

Option of gearbox ratios to suit power requirement. Power requirement 60 – 74 kW (80 – 100 h.p.). (Creeping Gears required)
Suitable for small and large areas.