The total solution for your stone problem.

Why do you need a stone-eater?
Your land is covered with stones which not only reduces your yields, but also creates expensive repairs and wear on all your working equipment.

  • No laborious and unpopular stone collecting any more.
  • Reduction of premature excessive wear on your agricultural equipment.
  • Up to 20% higher yields through thicker growth.
  • Higher yields because the soil will be enriched with released minerals.
  • Improvement of the quality of the soil. Better drainage.
  • Quicker field preparation in stone free soil.

The wear and tear as well as the output of the machine depends on soil conditions, as well as the quantity of stones and the type of stones.

This is the way we solve your stone problem – How does it function?
The intake rotor picks up the stones to a depth of 5 centimeters and throws these to the slasher rotor. As both rotors run in reverse rotation the slashing power is increased. The stones hit the rotating slashers and are smashed instantly. The slasher rotor works about 10 centimeters above the ground level and large stones will be pre-smashed this way. This way stones of up to 30 centimeters can be smashed. The intake rotor is rotating against the stone size guard which insures that stones smashed to a bigger size than 30 mm will not escape. At the same time a beautiful warm seed bed is prepared.

Pending Conditions – Productions
1/2 to 1 ha per two hours with a working width of 1.90 metros and using 100K.W. is possible.

Where to use it?
Agricultural land, horticulture, road making, sport and recreation grounds.

  • Working width
  • Total width
  • Revolutions / P.T.O.
  • P.T.O. connection
  • Number of slashers
  • Rotor speed (slasher) U/min
  • Rotor speed (intake) U/min
  • P.T.O. power req. kW/H.P.
  • 3 point linkage
  • Weight