The JE-MA T35 “three in one” grain conveyor is designed to transport grain either vertically or horizontally and fill or empty horizontally and to fill or empty the store with the use of only one drive station. The unit is assembled by using a series of square tubes available in various lengths, which are connected together by corner sections.

The grain is transported throughout the system by means of a heavy duty roller chain with rubber flights, as used on the T20 and T60 elevators. Any number of inlets and outlets can be fitted into any position along the horizontal conveying section.

The motor is fitted onto a standard motor bracket which is fitted to the return section. The drive is transmitted from the motor to the conveyor by V-belts.

The inlet trough(s) on the lower conveyor introduces grain into the system and can be supplied in varying lengths from 0.5m to 2.0m to suit any installation.

Disc springs are fitted on the threaded spindles on the tightening section to provide ample adjustment. These springs also provide a safety factor by allowing foreign objects of a reasonable size fall through the chain and sprocket without causing damage and then to the original tension.

  1. Drive station
  2. Tightening section
  3. Corner section
  4. V-belt pulley drive
  5. conveying section
  6. inlet trough
  7. Return section
  8. Outlet
  9. Connecting conveying section/inlet through

Inside each inlet trough, a cover is provided to give an even feed and to reduce any excess weight on the conveying chain by the incoming grain.

When the T35 is employed for emptying a floor drying plant, the inlet trough is placed in a trench in the ground. The trench is covered with short timber or steel covers, which are made in such a way, that they easily remove. To empty the plant these covers are gradually removed one after another concurrently with the grain running into the inlet-trough.

In order to fill silos or floor drying plants the upper conveyor length is fitted with outlets in any quantity needed.

The opening and closing mechanism of the outlets is controlled by remote control i.e. a wire pull. The outlet hoppers are fitted with a $k square flange, which will fit any of our standard accessories.

HP 1440 r.p.m.5.57.510.0
Total length of chainup to 30 m30 - 50 m50 - 75 m