The Doublet Record Tillage and Seed-bed Harrow is fitted with vibrating, closely-spaced resilient tines which ensures the preparation of a smooth and even porous seed-bed, without disturbing the lower stratum of earth. It is easily possible to harrow to a depth of only 4-5 cm and still achieve an even and fine seed-bed – an essential quality whether the soil is tilled early in spring, after thawing, or when you harrow for cereals or sugar-beet. The Doublet Record tillage and seed-bed harrow is an excellent implement both for light and heavy soil.

Quick Coupling
This special feature supplied as standard equipment on all drawbars, enables the harrow to be coupled to and uncoupled from the frame, in the least possible time.

  1. Due to the special **springy** construction of the flexible beater it levels the soil and breaks up clods of earth most effectively. **It cleans as it beats**
  2. The tines maintain an even working depth and because of their resilience and special-steel construction are self-cleaning, thus avoiding any build-up of soil, which would affect the speed of operation.
  3. The crumblers ensure an even depth of harrowing in all types of soil. On lighter soils the sections are supported and prevented from working too deep, while on heavy soil their weight is transferred to the sections.
  4. Seed.
  5. Fertiliser.

Doublet Record Harrows Sections are identical on all models
The flexible suspension design of the sections ensures each section operates independently resulting, even with the larger models, in smooth and uniform soil preparation.

Each section width of 112 cm and weighs 94 kg. Space between tines is 7 cm and the depth is required by an adjusting handle.

Two-piece reversible tines for exact adjustment and superior wearing qualities
The two-piece S-type reversible tines, constructed from specially toughened and resilient steel, are capable of exact adjustment, with long-life (and superior) wearing qualities. A uniform harrowing depth of all tines (in each section) is achieved by simply adjusting the lower part of the tines.

Hand / hydraulic winch
A built-in self activating friction brake is provided for folding up the sections, to facilitate traveling. On 3, 4 and 5 sections harrows a hand winch is available as an extra. On 6, 7 and 9 sections models a hydraulically-operated winch is supplied as an extra.

Doublet Record Technical Data