Herbst Insight Released

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Version brings some exciting new additions and many improvements, some of which are detailed below.


  • Introducing gauges for start-up screen, used for visualising key data
  • Intuitive custom data indicators in start-up screen
  • Grid view optimisations – the software is now up to 5 times faster in certain views
  • Chip and pin integration for credit/debit cards


  • Kiosk out version 1 released
  • General kiosk improvements and optimisations throughout

Foreign Exchange (FX)

  • Currency/foreign exchange drastically improved in many areas

General Improvements & Optimisations

  • Quick filter functionality on many pop-up menus, including user item fields which speeds up the selection process for the more advanced user
  • More customer self-service settings, facilitating site and consignee allocation.
  • New product converter order wizard. Similar to stock re-order wizard with split screen functionality, allowing for the ability to see items such as predictive stock requirements.
  • See unallocated credit notes in the payments allocation area, improving visibility for users who sometimes have credit notes that have not been allocated.

Visit Herbst Software Support Center to look through the detailed list of changes and bug fixes in this version.

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